Farming Calls to Action

  1. Recent refinance? Once the old loan has been paid off, the lender must record a Reconveyance releasing the lien (Deed of Trust) from your property. Call or email to verify the reconveyed status of paid off loans!
  2. Refi in a Trust?  Some loans require taking a property out of a trust in order to close. The property is not automatically added back; I’m here to help make sure your home is vested properly!  Call or email to verify that your home is vested correctly!
  3. Need a deed?  Do you have a copy on file of the Grant Deed, establishing your ownership of your home and naming the vesting? To get a free copy of your Grant Deed, call or email any time! 
  4. What’s a Deed of Trust? If you have a mortgage loan, the Deed of Trust is the recorded instrument securing your lender’s interest in the property.  Call or email if you’d like a copy of your Deed(s) of Trust for your files!
  5. Has your mailing address changed since acquiring your property? Make sure the County Assessor has the up-to-date information they need to get your property tax info to you!   Call or email for the form to update your mailing address with the Assessor! 
  6. Are you claiming all your tax benefits? Homeowners (owner occupants) qualify for a $7,000 homeowner’s exemption on Property Taxes! Every little bit counts. Call or email to make sure your exemption is being applied.
  7.  Need to make changes on your vesting?  I can get blank, fillable copies for you of Grant Deeds, Notes, Deeds of Trust, and more. Let me know if you’d like any!
  8. Get your Property Profile! Get an up-to-date summary of the chain of title on your home, and a list of nearby sales from public record – including off-market sales! Call or email to get your copy!
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