Why Human-Centered Service?

Experience the Human-Centered difference

People Matter

In Title, it’s easy to look at our work as strictly transactional. Any given title company works through so many files, there is a temptation not to look at them as more than just that: files.

We lose sight of our mission and our passion if we forget that behind every file is a home. What we are handling are nothing less than the places where people will raise their families and build the lion’s share of their long-term wealth.

My mission statement, Human-Centered Service, is my resolution to treat every person and every family who relies on my services with the respect and care that they deserve. It’s my promise to advocate for them when deals get tricky. It means that I’m always looking for large or small ways to make their lives better.

The goal: to make the world a better place, one act of service at a time.

Educate, Advocate, and Empower

Like most businesses during a time of explosive technological growth, the entire real estate industry is in a state of constant, rapid evolution. This comes with its share of challenges, but plenty of benefit. It makes it ever easier for companies to be transparent and accountable to their customers; to make their resources available to educate and empower the families that trust them.

In service of education, we are proud to make a wide array of general real estate information available to the public, and to offer market-specific updates to help people make informed homeownership decisions. Look for continuing educational material on this blog and through various other media.

We pursue transparency and accountability, especially through our open-door policy up to the highest levels of our management. This means that a customer can always speak directly to management to ensure they are getting the best service and all their needs are addressed.

We also seek to give back to the customer with some of the most aggressive discounts in the title industry – a 25% discount, posted and fully compliant, on homeowner’s policies for transactions involving a principal who is a senior, a veteran, or a first-time homebuyer.

A Collaborative Mission

One of the best ways we can improve the lives of homeowners and prospective homeowners is in collaboration with the other professionals who serve them.

This involves helping agents to take the best of modern technology, tools that support and supplement human interaction, and fight against platforms that seek to take humanity out of the equation. It means connecting them with the people and services that will work alongside them to provide standout, life-improving service to their clients, from the first appointment into years beyond the close of escrow.

Human-centered service means being an active part of a professional team providing real, authentic support to homeowners, deeply rewarding to all involved.

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Father of four, title & tech geek; human-centered title rep

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